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Screaming in the darkness

Riamu :: The Uber Kai
15 February 1988

Why hello thar.
If you're new to the area,
allow me to introduce myself.

I am Kristin.
So call me Kai.
I'm currently 23 and live in America.
Michigan is pretty decent when it's not freezing.
My friends are my world and I love them to pieces.
Graduated high school in 2006.
2005 was the Best Year Ever
But 2011 is heading up the ranks!

I don't generally hate people.
But sometimes you just can't help it.

Music is my LIFE
I play the violin AND the viola.
I wish I could play guitar.

I love animals
Video games are a passion
I rock at Dance Dance Revolution
Pop Techno is amazing
I am currently attempting to learn to speak
(not read)

I am a piercing addict.
I currently have::
Snake Bites
Tongue Ring
Right Conch
Left Industrial
Left Lobe - Gauged to 7/16"
Right Lobe - not guaged

I love tattoos.
I don't have any of my own just yet,
but I plan on quite a few.

I also read a lot.
There are quite a few books I haven't touched yet.
That's how many I have!!

While I have your attention
Go check out the following organisations
They are more than worthy causes.

Holding of Wrist

♥ [without the dark, we'd never see the stars] ♥

I guess that's it.
Anything else you wish to know, just ask.
I promise I won't get offended.

So thanks for visiting.
Watch that last step on your way out.
It's a bit tricky.
Ja Nee!